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Dear Friends, 

To ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff, we have no choice but to close temporarily as recommended by the CDC due to COVID-19, the coronavirus. We are following the advice of the Austin Public Health Department and the CDC to ensure all the appropriate health and safety measures are being taken in the meantime. More information will be shared as soon as it is readily available. We look forward to serving you again after this storm subsides!


Meaning sin in French, Péché is distinctly Austin's first absinthe bar, a cocktail program headed by bar manager Derek Weiss, showcasing a selection of pre-Prohibition style cocktails and a curated wine list. Executive chef John Lichtenberger brings that same tailored focus to the food menu, providing rich French fare made with the freshest ingredients.

Our bartenders welcome and encourage questions, as we aim to not only provide patrons with quality libations, but to educate them as well.  Péché brings the ethic and mystery of the old world to life, making it a gem of Austin's downtown.

“In 1918, Prohibition sent our country’s most brilliant mixologists underground and overseas. Many of these American artisans fled to Europe where their recipes would make places like London’s Savoy Hotel famous. For decades, mixology was largely lost in the states. Bars served unimaginative mixtures to patrons who never knew the classic concoctions enjoyed only a generation before. To experience the real thing, I, like many others, traveled abroad. While in my travels, a curious spirit caught my interest. Long prohibited in the States, absinthe had now become available and Péché is Austin’s only place to experience it in its true form.”

— Rob Pate, Owner

Team Members